Press release: The new PEFC standard has been approved – ecological sustainability in Finnish forests is strengthened


Press release 19.12.2022

The forest certification system PEFC’s national standard for the management and use of forests has received international approval. The now completed standard is strengthened in all aspects of sustainability. In particular, the requirements for key nature management measures in forestry are becoming stricter.

We are very pleased with the approval of our updated standard. The PEFC standard has a wide impact on forestry practices throughout Finland. As the external evaluation shows, the renewed requirements will strengthen the ecological sustainability of forestry with the help of proven and effective means. It’s great that the implementation of our standard can now start,” says Kimmo Tiilikainen, chairman of the board of PEFC Finland.

The standard is revised every five years, and this update was the fifth in a row. According to the impact assessment[1], the standard will have positive effects on climate change and carbon sequestration. The stricter requirements have a wide-ranging impact on the management and use of forests in Finland, as more than 90% of commercial forests are covered by PEFC-certification.

In the future, double the amount of living and dead retention trees must be left in the forest in comparison to the previous requirement. The continuation of decaying wood is promoted by creating artificial stumps in places where there is not enough dead wood in the area. In order to protect water quality, the buffer zones left along water bodies and open mires will be widened. Biodiversity and different forest species are safeguarded by ensuring a good mix of trees and densities in all stages of forest management.

Slight deviations recorded in the final report of the international PEFC assessment will be resolved by PEFC Finland within six months. Slight deviations do not affect the general implementation of the standard. The first external audits can be carried out according to the new standard from February 2023.

More information:

PEFC Finland – Suomen Metsäsertifiointi ry

Tatu Liimatainen, General Secretary,  +358 44 237 96 93


[1] Tapio – PEFC FI – kriteeristöstandardin vaatimusmuutosten vaikutusten arviointi 2021

Sustainable forest management – Requirements (standard PEFC FI 1002:2022)

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